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Android Phone Applications

Ohio State University Buses

This application uses google maps and information from Trip to display the
currrent location of the CABS buses on the Ohio State University campus.
You can use the menu to toggle routes and bus stops on routes. You can also
also display your current location if you have a gps enabled phone. You
have the option to toggle between street view and satellite view. If you
tap a bus you can get bus information. If you tap a stop, you get more
information, including when the predicted time the next bus will be there.

Chicago Transit Authority Bus Locator

This application will show the location of CTA Buses on a map of any
selected route.
Here are a list of some of the features:
o Tap the button at the top to select a different route.  
  It will show the route, stops and any buses on that route.  
o Tap any stop on the route to get the stop number and when 
  the next bus is scheduled to arrive.
o Tap any bus on a route to get the bus number, destination 
  on the route, and the current direction of travel.
o Use the menu to change routes, display your current 
  location (if your phone's gps is enabled), get bulletins 
  on the selected route, set application settings, reload 
  route information from the internet, reload stop 
  information for the current route from the internet, or 
  reload the route and stop information from the database 
  that came with the application. 
o When selecting routes, if you check the fav checkbox next
  to the routes you use, you can then go under menu->settings
  and check Display Favorite Routes and it will only show the
  routes with checkboxes when selecting routes.  This makes
  finding routes easier when there are a large number of
  routes in the full route list.

Aircraft Lookup

Lookup any aircraft by the tail number and get more information on that
aircraft, such as make and model, engine, owner, etc.

Reverse Lookup

Find information about a person when you only have their phone number, or
an address. Uses information from for reverse lookups.

Currency Converter

Convert 63 different forms of currency using the currect exchange rate
provided by exchangerate api.


Play sound clips from Duke Nukem, Dumb and Dumber and Airplane.

Applications on the drawing board

Airport Flight Information - Using information from the FAA, you can
lookup your departing or arriving flight and see if the flight is early, on
time, delayed, or cancelled.

Vehicle Information - Enter vin number and see what's in the public
databases concerning that vehicle.

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